No Looking Further Than The Johannesburg Expo Centre For Your Next Event

Choosing The Right Venue​

Planning and hosting an exhibition or large event certainly are huge tasks and undoubtedly the number one priority on the action list, is finding the perfect venue.

There has been incredible growth in both local and international exhibition and conference industries, which has resulted in the availability of world-class facilities, and which offer a five-star experience to both exhibitors and visitors alike.

Choosing the right venue ensures client satisfaction, sustainability and will maximise effectiveness.

A number of aspects need to be taken into account when deciding on a venue:

  • Budget
  • The business sector
  • Target audience


Now you are ready to go!  Remember to choose and book your venue sooner than later.

Johannesburg Expo Centre (JEC) is South Africa’s largest purpose-built exhibition, conference, convention and events venue, and is one of Johannesburg’s best-known landmarks

The JEC rates as one of Southern Africa’s leading National and International exhibition, conference, convention and events centres.

Hosting more than 1 000 events exceeding 1 000  000 visitors, this superb venue  offers a host of services, bringing with them vast experience and professional staff.

Lending itself to almost any type of event or function, JEC offers a wide variety of options:

Trade Shows and Exhibitions

Conveniently located within 30 minutes from major airports and centres, JEC is a unique, flexible venue, specialising in a multitude of events, with enormous focus on Trade Shows and Exhibitions.

With its vast area of 150 000 m² of indoor and outdoor space , the multipurpose amenities at JEC cater for mass events.


JEC has done it all! Whether it be a gala ball, a trivia night or a dinner and auction, the venue offers guests a first-class experience.

There are over 20 000 parking bays and all services are on site and supported by a dedicated team.

The venue is easily accessible from all highways.

Conference Venue

State-of-the-art technology coupled with years of expertise and experience, JEC offers the ultimate when it comes to conferencing.

This premier venue exceeds all expectations and provides coordinators and delegates with the latest in conferencing equipment and technology.

Lifestyle Festivals

Slowly but surely society is starting to focus more and more on healthier, organic lifestyles. It has been said that Lifestyle Festivals are less about proving your trendiness, and more about finding out who you are.

The JEC offers an ideal setting for these events, offering the perfect opportunity for groups of people to get together in one place.

Government Functions

A premier venue, which recently to name but a few, hosted the ANC Policy conference and the EFF’s Elective conference , accommodating up to 7 000 delegates for five days and serving 14 000 quality meals per day. This speaks volumes!

Product Launches

Whether a consumer, trade or media launch, JEC leads the pack when it comes to product launches. The choice of venue can make or break an entire product launch and is therefore critical. JEC knows the ropes!

Corporate Functions

JEC offers a wide variety of corporate hospitality solutions at its versatile venue, providing necessary resources like materials, energy, staff and expertise.


The serene setting at JEC, with rolling, manicured grounds, make for the perfect Wedding venue. JEC provides five-star catering, superb décor and top-class service.

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